See A Credit Card Charge That You Don’t Recognize? How to Deal with It. – Alabama Consumer Credit Lawyer Judson E. Crump

You should review your credit card statement every month.  If you see charges that you do not recognize, here is what to do. Identity theft is becoming more common than ever.  It seems that every few weeks, another massive security breach is revealed on the news.  And identity theft can […]

The Lone Justice Ruling for the People: Scalia? – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E. Crump

Koons Buick Pontiac GMC v. Nigh – 543 U.S. 50 (2004).  Proof that Judges aren’t just partisans. The U.S. Supreme Court now has 5 “Republicans” and 4 “Democrats.”  Since I get my knowledge of the world from the TV Channels or internet news sites that disagree with me the least, […]

How to Avoid Getting Defrauded by a Mortgage Company – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump

Sometimes mortgage servicers charge people money they don’t owe.  Yea, it happens.  Sometimes it happens by mistake.  Despite being huge, well-funded, and advised by hundreds of different corporate lawyers, mortgage servicers can and do screw up sometimes.  They may apply a payment to the wrong account.  They may charge you for […]

Send your Mortgage Servicer a Qualified Written Request in Alabama – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump 4

How do you fix a problem you’re having with your mortgage company?  Most of the time, you can do it without hiring a lawyer or going to court. But if you try to get it done with a quick phone call, you’ll probably just get that familiar message: “We’re experiencing unusually […]

How to read Truth in Lending Act disclosures for an Auto Loan. – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump 1

I’ve written before about how the federal Truth in Lending Act is basically useless in helping people make wise financial decisions.  But don’t take that to mean that I don’t like TILA.  I like it just fine.  It helps my clients fight back against collection lawsuits and mortgage fraud.  It […]

How to Answer a Collection Lawsuit in Alabama – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump 2

When you’ve been served with a lawsuit, the most important thing is to take action immediately.  Answer it before the deadline.  How do you answer?  It’s really simple: you just write down your response to the lawsuit on a piece of paper and take it to the clerk of court.  […]