Credit Reports & Mortgage Payments After Bankruptcy – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E. Crump

“I filed bankruptcy a few years ago, but I kept my house and have made my mortgage payments.  Why isn’t my good payment history being reported on my credit reports?” A lot of consumers in Alabama have been noticing an unexpected problem with their credit reports after bankruptcy: their mortgage […]

Can you stop a foreclosure in Alabama without filing bankruptcy? – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump 3

Rarely. I realize that there are a number of “law firms” from other states that claim to be able to stop or delay foreclosures without filing bankruptcy.  They are all scams. If you never listen to another word from a foreclosure lawyer, listen to this one: there are three ways to […]

How to assume a mortgage when the property owner dies (or divorces) – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump

When a property encumbered by a mortgage is transferred, most mortgages have a due-on-sale provision that requires you to pay off the entire loan.  This means that even if have the desire and ability to take over the mortgage payments, the bank can prevent you from doing that.  So you have […]

How to Cancel Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump 1

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI, as it is affectionately abbreviated) is one of the many features of the “new” housing market.  For those of you who don’t know, PMI is basically an additional fee that is charged to a borrower who cannot afford to make a 10% or 20% down payment […]

How to Avoid Getting Defrauded by a Mortgage Company – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump

Sometimes mortgage servicers charge people money they don’t owe.  Yea, it happens.  Sometimes it happens by mistake.  Despite being huge, well-funded, and advised by hundreds of different corporate lawyers, mortgage servicers can and do screw up sometimes.  They may apply a payment to the wrong account.  They may charge you for […]

Send your Mortgage Servicer a Qualified Written Request in Alabama – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump 4

How do you fix a problem you’re having with your mortgage company?  Most of the time, you can do it without hiring a lawyer or going to court. But if you try to get it done with a quick phone call, you’ll probably just get that familiar message: “We’re experiencing unusually […]

Do you need a lawyer or any other professional help to get a Loan Modification? – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump

No.  Every mortgage company has its own program for administering requests for mortgage modification or hardship assistance, and most mortgages are serviced by a company that participates in the Making Home Affordable Program that was executed by the Obama administration (but actually created by Congress and George W. Bush just […]

Foreclosure Timeline in Alabama Under the New Dodd-Frank Rules – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2009 did a lot to help ordinary people deal fairly with their lenders and mortgage servicers.  In the bad old days, the only rules that mortgage companies had to comply with were the terms of the contracts they wrote to protect themselves from […]

How the HAMP Program Works, supposedly. – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump 2

The HAMP Program says this about itself: “The Making Home Affordable Program was announced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in February 2009 in an effort to help stabilize the housing market and provide relief for struggling homeowners.” OK, that’s real nice, but how, exactly does it work? There […]