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Medical Device Warranties

When most people think of warranties, cars are what first comes to mind.  But the most expensive and important consumer products that bring warranty concerns are medical devices.  Hip and knee implants, meshes, trachial tubes, pacemakers, and prosthetics are a few common ones, but there are hundreds.  The obvious thing that separates most medical devices from other consumer products is that they are extremely important to their users, because they’re basically a part of a person’s body.  If something goes wrong with an implanted medical device, it can cause disastrous consequences.

Truly dangerous malfunctions are usually the subject of product liability actions.  But not all medical device malfunctions or breakdowns cause catastrophic injuries.  Sometimes they just need to be replaced.  Unfortunately, this can often require a whole surgical procedure.  Some medical device warranties today cover surgical costs, which are otherwise usually paid for by the hospital.

When a medical device manufacturer is not honoring their warranties, then you may need to consider legal action.  If this has happened to you, call me at 251-272-9148 to discuss your options.

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