Defective Products, Lemon Law, and Warranty Rights

Alabama Warranty Lawyer Judson E. Crump

Don’t Get Stuck with a Lemon!




  • Been Ripped Off by a Car Dealer?

  • Deceived about the Condition of a Boat, RV, or Mobile Home?

  • Manufacturer refusing to Honor their Warranties?

You have rights.  Let us Help You Enforce Them!

The sad truth is that nowadays, so many businesses just don’t stand behind their produts.  They sell defective cars, boats, RVs, and mobile homes, and when things break down, they want to leave you with the bill.  And when you try to get them to do right and honor their obligations, they delay, stonewall, and avoid you.  They hide behind their fine print and complex claim filing procedures, hoping that you’ll just give up and go away.

But you don’t have to.

We can help you navigate the fine print, the warranty claim process, and get you compensated for their refusal to do right.  We handle the following types of cases in this practice area:

We are dedicated to the relentless defense of consumer rights.  Our fees are reasonable, and the consultation is free.

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