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  • Kristen Bearden

    Hi Mr. Crump, I spoke with you about a month ago pertaining to a case you had against auto vest, llc. I have been in contact with lawyers locally and they said that they have heard of 6 yrs for statute of limitations. Could you email me that case or case info so I can show this lawyer? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I couldn’t remember if your email had your middle initial or not. Thank you.

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      I have done business bankruptcy in the past, but at this point, I don’t have time to start and run a new Chapter 11. If you just need advice for dealing with bankruptcy matters, though, feel free to give me a call.


  • Paul Goens

    I bought a 2014 TDI golf. Are these (40x) emissions higher than nationwide EPA standards, or 40x CALIFORNIA standards? I have been talking to VW dealers and they like to point to the Cali standards and downplay EPA general standards. They are also saying that I don’t HAVE TO do the fix (whatever or whenever that is). But that will not do much for the environment, and I just have too much conscience for that. They are, however willing to give some pretty sweet deals for a trade in for a regularly aspirated engine model (like a GTI Golf), (because that might be cheaper than what they may be faced with?).
    Unfortunately, VW is not very forthcoming on what fix may be in store. My (our) dilemma now is: will I lose so much gas mileage that paying extra for diesel fuel will no longer be cost effective (if it is down to regularly aspirated engine mileage, why pay more for diesel?).
    Pretty much all the dealer service guys can tell me is to go to the website:, which basically says, “Eh, yeah, we uh…screwed up. Sit tight and we’ll get back to ya on that.”
    So, I am getting kind of antsy. Do I beat the rush, trade this thing in on a GTI, (they are making it tempting), or bet that it won’t really amount to too much when all is said and done?

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      First, I’m glad to hear that you have some environmental conscience. Most people only care about money, and that, I opine, is the whole reason things like this happen in the first place.

      Second, it still is not clear what VW’s fix is going to be. Most engineers who have looked at the problem believe that there can’t be a fix that will not negatively affect performance. If they could change the computer to run well and still not pollute, don’t you think they’d have done that in the first place?

      If they’re offering you a really good deal on a trade-in, that is certainly something to consider. I can’t advise you at this point because I’m not your attorney, but you should speak to someone licensed in your jurisdiction. If you live in Alabama, give me a call.


  • Deb

    Mr. Crump-
    I just left a post on your March blog entry re Go Financial. If you think I might have a case that you can assist me with, please contact me via email and I will then provide my other contact information.

    Thank you!
    Deb in Ohio

  • Vikas Kumar

    Hi Judson,
    I’m trying to put together an article on Credit Acceptance Corporation. I came across the default judgment you got set aside that included an inflated affidavit from a CACC employee. I was wondering if you might have a few minutes to talk about whether this practice is rampant. I’m trying to figure out whether in light of the CFPB and FTC cracking down on aggressive debt collection practices CACC is at risk.


  • Delia Chalas

    Premium Asset services LLC is calling me at work and speaking to my boss and other colleagues saying that they have been trying to contact me because I am being sued. They also said to one of my colleagues that if I don’t call them back they will send a sheriff to serve me a summon at my work location. Not to mention that I am a teacher and that they already had called my principal, assistant principal, the school secretary among others. At this point, they are leaving messages on everybody voicemail at my school.

    Thank you

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author

      That’s fantastic advice, you asshole. Since you’re so keen on sharing your wisdom, why don’t you make an appointment to come and talk to my client who spent all his money fighting his wife’s cancer because the insurance company wouldn’t cover her? Or how about the woman whose husband left her and their baby with nothing and took their only automobile so she lost her job?

      Grow some balls and don’t post anonymous crap on my website.

  • Scott

    Being sued by parnell and crum on a old car loan if have no doc on when last payment was made but think it was before 2009. I anwsered fist set of papers with some of your advice now he has jumped to a court date i got notice from the circuit court of calhoun county yesterday and the court date is for 1-12-2016 i am filling a letter asking court for a new court date because everbody is closed or cant talk to me until 1 st week in jan

  • Vivian

    If a credit card company withdrew money out of my bank account without authorization, can I sue them?

    I was called for a late payment and the man asked me if I was going to pay on that instance, and I said ok. I waited for the man to tell me that I was about to be recoded for the authorization of the payment and it seems like the line got dropped and I never confirmed authorization of payment… thus I didn’t expect the money to be drafted from my checking account, but it did.

    It usually happens that the man notifies me that the authorization from me is going to be recorded for the specific amount owed, and this time it didn’t happen and I still got charged.

    Than you

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      If they truly lacked authorization to draw the money from your account, then you may be able to sue them. Typically, though, the party responsible for unauthorized electronic fund transfers is the bank where your account is. If the transaction was truly unauthorized, then you should be able to write a letter disputing liability on the transaction to your bank. You must do this shortly after receiving the first statement from your bank showing the inaccurate item.

      If you live in Alabama and want help with this matter, call me at 251.272.9148.


  • Charion Smith

    I recently purchased a car from a dealership. I didnt have enough down payment so I paid my down payment out. I was told that I was purchasing a car through him. I would make payment to his dealership. At the time I am 18years of age. Resident of Alabama .I brought my car from Mississippi . I sent my parents to pay the 2nd to the last payment of the down payment arrangements. Next thing I know my parents are home with my car. First let me say the car had 190k miles on it. They wanted 6000 cash but 7999 to finance. I told them I could pay 250 a month. My parents signed the paperwork. On the day the they came home with my car they called an told me I don’t pay them we pay credit acceptance. I find out I have to pay $14000 dollars for a car that was suppose to be $8000 with 190k miles . Not only that I have pay them no matter what. So I’m stuck with the car. I can’t take it back. What should I do? Ive had the car 6months. All payments on time.

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      I hate to hear stories like this. Unfortunately, if you bought the car in Mississippi, then the deal is governed by Mississippi law and you’ll have to hire a Mississippi lawyer. I do not practice in Mississippi. Regardless, you should closely look at all the paperwork you signed. A good lawyer will be able to review the deal and tell you what rights you have.

      Best of Luck.


  • Blake Akers

    I had a HELOC loan through NBC bank, which was acquired by RBC bank, which is now owned by PNC bank. The loan was set to reach maturity in 2013. I was informed of this six months before the date. I did everything I could to refinance before it reached maturity spending hours on the phone with various reps. No one could figure out how to do it since the loan was two mergers ago. Upon maturity the entire amount $45,000 was due and they would not accept a payment in the same amount that I had been faithfully making for ten years. They reported six missing payments of $45,000 to the credit bureaus and destroyed my credit score. This has cost me thousands already in high interest loans and I am about to relocate for a job and get a bad interest rate on a 30 year loan.

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      The first thing you should do is check out your loan documents. If there was an early maturity date built into the HELOC, it should definitely have been in the original loan paperwork. If the loan did in fact mature already and has remained unpaid, there may not be anything you can do about it, because what the credit reports reflect about the loan may be technically correct. Read the loan contract for any exceptions to the maturity date or right to refinance.

  • Shay

    Hello Mr. Crump,
    Could you provide me with an email address for you? I would like to send some messages about a used car I purchased in July. The trim was misrepresented by the salesperson, and the dealership is not taking responsibility for it. Thanks so much!

  • Melissa

    I am being taken to small claims court in Baldwin, AL at the end of January by CACH, LLC. I have never had any communication with them prior to being served and I cannot afford an attorney. I’m kind of freaking out as I am trying to represent myself and I do not do well speaking to people I do not know and I am worried that I am going to break under the anxiety of things and end up with a judgement. I don’t see anything from CACH, LLC on my credit report and there are a few things in the papers that I was served that are raising a flag for me such as inconsistent dates. The Exhibit B “Bill of sale” has three different dates on it and the Affidavit has yet another date. (There is also a typo on the date for the Bill of Sale, it is dated- January 26, 20616 is that relevant?) I am probably overthinking on all of this but I am hoping you may have some pointers for me.

    Thank you for your time

  • nancy barnett

    Hi Mr. Crump,
    This is Nancy Barnett and my email address is . It may show up as different when I send it on my sons computer today so please respond to mine .
    I have turned over my credit card debt to a debt management company called Money Management Int. and am getting a lower interest rate and slighter lower monthly payments. I have only made one payment to them so far when I received a letter from a “debt validation /resolution company called actify solutions 707-703-4033 out of cockeysville, MD . Just wondering if you know anything about them ? They seem to be upstanding with the BBB. I owe about $18,500 and by doing their service they will reduce it to about $ 10,300. This saves me about $8000. Im understanding that this savings will become their fee and it will divided up during 37 months at $279 month. They say if they can’t resolve / clear up debts on my credit report that they will refund all money i have paid them. Do you think I should change over to use this company? Thank you so much for your opinion. nancy Barnett 601 416 7809

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      I can’t give you advice because you’re not my client and you’re not in Alabama, where I’m licensed to practice law. If this company rips you off or lies, then you should call a local lawyer.

      Best of luck.


  • Walt Maraldo

    My wife’s is in a bit of a panic about our debt,,,

    so she contacted Worden & Assoc………
    I cant tell if the ” review sites” are legitimate in regard to debt consolidators
    I always believed some of these review sites were in cahoots with the reviewed companies .pay for a good review sort of thing
    Is worden up and up?

    WE found your site ………..we are in NJ

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      I can’t advise you on how to handle your finances, and I can’t represent you since you’re not in Alabama.

      If you’ve hired this company and they’ve failed to perform their obligations or defrauded you, you should definitely call a lawyer in your area.


  • Virginia Walker

    Several years ago a vehicle I financed through Credit Acceptance was repossessed. No dispute about that. I was just served a summons on Breach of Contract as well as Unjust Enrichment. The last payment I made on this debt was on 9/7/14 (according to the complaint). This is through a debt collector law firm and although the filing date is 6/19/2017, I was only JUST served with the summons yesterday (Sat, July 29th, 2017). I supposedly have 30 days to answer but I feel they purposefully waited to serve me until that time was up. Effectively assuring they would get the judgement because I didn’t answer in time and/or wasn’t at court. Firstly, is this too late for them to try to sue for payment and secondly, is the way they have gone about it legal? I feel like there may already BE a judgement on this…can this lawyer get another one?

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      I can’t really answer your questions because I don’t know what state you’re in. If you’re in Alabama, there’s a 4 year statute of limitations on a car sale contract. So that’d mean that they’re not too late to sue you. If there’s already a judgment, you’ll need to get the court records showing that judgment and what it was based on. Obviously, if they’ve already gotten a judgment on the same contract, they can’t sue you twice for the same thing.

      Definitely call a lawyer in your area.


  • Charles Jacobs

    I am having rodent intrusion into the interior of 2017 honda hr-v. The dealer says they come in and out through openings between the engine compartment and the air conditioning system. The dealer and his Honda technical rep says there is nothing that can be done to the car and it is not their responsibility to keep the mice out. I do not think the mice should be able to slip through the joints in the body structure into the passenger area at all. Is this a lemon law issue that you would handle? I live in coffee county Alabama. Thank You

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      Short answer: Yes. But I also have a few questions.

      Did you buy the car new? If not, the lemon law doesn’t apply. The lemon law only covers defects that appeared in the first 12,000 miles of use. So if the mice started getting into the car before 12,000 miles, you’re covered by the Alabama Lemon Law. See Ala. Code Sec. 8-20A-2. Our lemon law says that if you bring the vehicle to the selling dealer and notify them of a defect during the first 12,000 miles, the manufacturer is obliged to fix it. If they don’t fix it, you have to give them at least 3 chances to fix it, or 30 days in the shop. The 30 days is cumulative, so if your car was in the shop twice, and was out of commission for 10 days the first time and 20 days the second time, then that is considered sufficient opportunity to repair. If it still isn’t fixed, then you write a letter to the manufacturer directly by CERTIFIED MAIL. They have 14 days to fix it. I realize this is a pain in the rear and that it may seem useless if the dealer already has said there’s nothing that can be done. But you have to bring it there anyway. Bring a witness who can give you a ride back home. Try to get a repair ticket. This is a situation where the squeaky wheel gets the grease. You have to pester them and bring your car there at least 3 times before you write the letter to the manufacturer.

      The reason it is important to jump through all these hoops is that the lemon law gives you the most potential recovery: they have to refund all finance charges, down payments, and basically everything you spent on the vehicle, plus the cost of substitute transportation (i.e. rental car or paying friends for a ride). Plus lawyer’s fees and court costs.

      But even if it was a used purchase, if you still have bumper to bumper warranty coverage, it should be covered. I believe the Bumper-to-Bumper warranty on a 2017 Honda is 36,000 miles. A warranty suit is a lot like a lemon law suit. You have to give them 3 chances to repair the car and then you should write a certified letter to the manufacturer demanding repair.

      I think their excuses are bullshit. A rodent infestation is disgusting and shouldn’t happen with a new or relatively new vehicle. Take photographs and document the infestation thoroughly. Use a good camera and get the photos of rat poop. If they’re still in there, leave a pack of crackers or a granola bar out in your car as if you’d left it there accidentally. Take a photo of the car with the windows down and doors shut before you go to bed at night. The next morning, if there are rat droppings, take photos of them. This will prove that the infestation is not coming from the doors or windows and isn’t your fault.

      If you sue the manufacturer, they will lie and make every excuse not to pay. They hate lemon law cases and hate being called to account for making bad vehicles.

      So bottom line: I think that this qualifies as a lemon-level defect, and they should fix it. I’d be glad to represent you. One final thing: did you buy the car in Alabama? Or have you been taking it to a dealership in Alabama for repairs? I just want to make sure that Alabama has jurisdiction over the case so I could represent you.

      Call me at 251.272.9148 to discuss how to address this. I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Kandi warnock

    Purchased a vehicle on 7/25/2017 Milege on odometer and all paperwork matched 318,215

    7/31/07 new title app( first one was voided due to last reported mileage being 352,000 in 2015) this was signed by the dealer on 7/31 he has forged our signatures on this document .
    We went to register vehicle he sent over another title app with 7/31/2017 at top with only his signature and signed 8/7/2017
    We have also found out he pursched the vehicle 4/16 never reported Milege , applied for lost title 10/16 didn’t report Milege on that one either.
    Also per police tag records , this truck has been tagged 3 times in the last year in several names , no titles to be recorded per DMV records.
    We have many messages with conflicting words from him, some that say there is more than 360k when he bought . Many others that easily conform he rolled back the odometer .

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author

      That sounds like fraud. At least, if I’m hearing you right and his mileage disclosure on the contract or odometer disclosure form was false.

      I assume you’re in Alabama. If so, call me at 251-272-9148 and we can discuss your rights.

  • Corey Dyson

    Hi Mr Crump,
    I recently took my 2014 Open Range Rv to the dealer for small warranty items back in March , While the camper was there they noticed a bulge on the side of the camper under the bedroom slide the dealer said it needed to be fixed and was not safe to pull . Being that my warranty would end in July I agreed to have it fixed after 3 months I had heard nothing from the dealer I contacted them and I was told that they were waiting on parts . I gave it another month and called them back because I haven’t heard anything from them and they told me they were back and forth with the manufacturer on who would fix it . I finally get a call from the manufacturer telling me the dealers bid to fix it was too high and they would need to come pick it up from the dealer their earliest pick up date was Oct 16th I asked how long they would have and they couldn’t give me a definite answer. So from March until Oct my Rv will have been sitting at the dealer while im paying $600 a month in notes not to mention that I use this rv for work and the months they have had it I have had to rent houses or stay in hotels rooms for months on end so I have been incurring that cost as well the regularly monthly note of the RV and the hassle of not having my RV . I feel like warranty work should be expedited and done in a timely manner as this is not something I caused . I feel as my warranty has failed , again I don’t know when I will get it back so I will continue to be paying notes and incurring the cost of hotels or rental homes while im on the road working and just do not think its right . What are your thoughts on this ? I am in the mobile area and just trying to get some expert advice . Am I wrong or not? At this point im so aggravated with it I don’t even want the thing back .

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      If the RV is defective in a way that breaches the warranty, then there are a few things you can do about it. But first, you have to have proof that there is, in fact, a serious defect and that it wasn’t caused by anything you did. You’ll need some sort of documentation of what exactly is wrong with the RV.

      Next, you’ll need documentation of all the attempts to fix it. Alabama warranty law requires that you do 2 things before suing under a warranty: 1) you have to give them a reasonable opportunity to fix it; and 2) if they have an informal medation or dispute resolution process, you have to try that before taking them to court. This information will be in your owner’s manual or warranty booklet. Make sure that if the manufacturer requires a certified letter to a certain address or a complaint to the BBB Auto Line, you do that as soon as possible.

      From your comment, it isn’t clear why you chose to wait 3 months to start the repairs. I agree that March to October is an extremely long time, but if you never called or wrote the manufacturer until their recent call to you, I’m not sure you can do anything about that. It’s important to remember that in most contracts for new vehicles, the dealer makes NO warranty, and the only warranties are from the manufacturer. So it’s important to at least try to get the manufacturer to comply with the warranty.

      The bigger problem with the lost time is that your warranty probably specifically excludes these sort of consequential damages. The general rule is that if you sell a bad product, you’re liable for things like lost use of the product. But since large business interests have started funding judicial election campaigns, our state supreme court has decided on numerous occasions that just about anything can be slipped into a contract’s fine print and enforced, even if it is grossly unfair. So naturally, vehicle dealers and manufacturers now limit their warranty coverage to just the value of the defective parts or the vehicle itself.

      All that negative stuff out of the way, as long as the defect wasn’t your fault and you notified them and requested repairs before the end of the warranty period, you won’t be stuck without warranty coverage just because they’re taking a long time to fix it.

      October 16th is a month away. Is that reasonable? That’s a tough question. Maybe not, but if you were to sue them right away without letting them pick it up, and then they came and fixed it and gave it back to you by the end of October, you wouldn’t have much of a case. So you may want to let them try to fix it. If that doesn’t work, then maybe its time to call a lawyer.