The Apple Warranty – Alabama Consumer Rights Lawyer Judson E. Crump

iPhones, iPods, and MacBooks are Super Expensive.  What do you do when they fail? As we all know, Apple products are more expensive than their Android counterparts, due to the panache and trendy image that Apple has managed to cultivate among consumers.  And to be fair, Apple products are usually […]

Alabama Woman Obtains Judgment Against Florida Debt Settlement Attorney for Legal Malpractice – Alabama Consumer Rights Lawyer Judson E. Crump

$19,333.52 Judgment Awarded Against the Law Offices of Paul A. Herman Back in 2013, our client faced insurmountable credit card debt incurred paying for medical expenses when her child broke a limb.  Like many honest people who don’t want to file bankruptcy, she was contacted by a debt settlement company […]

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust – Who the heck are they? – Alabama Debtor’s Rights Lawyer Judson E. Crump

Student Loans are one of the biggest financial burdens facing young people today. And it isn’t just young people.  In fact, some of the worst student loan practices involve middle-aged and older people who are trying to get education to re-train for a new career.  If you’ve fallen behind on your student […]

Future Income Payments, LLC & Pension Funding Contracts – Alabama Consumer Protection Attorney Judson E. Crump

‘Pension Funding’ or ‘Pension Advance’ Companies can be dangerous to deal with. My client (we’ll call him “JF”) was a hard working U.S. Navy veteran.  When his wife’s sickness put him into a spot of financial trouble a couple of years ago, he found an advertisement from a company called “Future […]