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Virginia College = Scum – Alabama Consumer Rights Attorney Judson E. Crump

Thinking About Enrolling at Virginia College? DON’T! Usually I’m pretty upbeat about my law practice.  I get to represent real people with real world problems.  I don’t have billing hour requirements.  My clients are always very grateful for my work.  I set my own hours and take or turn down […]

$30,000 Student Loan Collection Suit Defeated at Trial – Alabama Consumer Protection Attorney Judson E. Crump

One of our clients was sued by a debt collector for a $31,000 student loan.  We beat them at trial. Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC, a purchaser of uncollected accounts, sued my client for an alleged student loan debt.  They alleged that my client had obtained a student loan years before, and […]

A new NCLC Report is out on the student loan collection process.  For those of you that don’t know already, debt collectors can be viciously greedy and completely unhelpful for people in debt.  Naturally, we expect credit card companies and other profit-motivated businesses to sell or refer their unpaid debts to vicious collectors.  That’s how they maximize the value of their unpaid accounts.

But the government?  Surely the taxpayer-funded public-interest side of the social contract isn’t going to feed its young people to the hounds?  Actually, yes they are.

–Here’s the Report–


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