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 “You’re a Client, not a number.”

There is an old joke that bankruptcy lawyers have one answer to every problem: bankruptcy.  The stereotype is all too often true: most people who file bankruptcy never get a chance to sit down with their lawyer and discuss non-bankruptcy options for getting out of debt.  And that can mean a tragic loss of opportunity and dollars.  There are many ways to get out of debt, and you owe it to yourself to learn all of them.  If you’re getting sued, then you may be better off fighting the lawsuit in court.  If you fear a repossession or foreclosure, then you may have legal defenses.  Your accounts may be too old to collect.  You may even have claims against your debt collectors for breaking the law.  This is what I do.

Bankruptcy can be a powerful remedy, but it can also have its costs and its limitations, and it is simply not appropriate for everyone.

You may have better options like settling your debt or fighting collection lawsuits. I am attorney Judson E. Crump, and I’ve literally written a book about getting out of debt.  I know the system and I try to get my clients out of debt without filing bankruptcy at all. But sometimes, bankruptcy is the only realistic option left. When that is the case, you need an attorney who understands your personal financial situation and can craft an individualized strategy to get you out of debt.  Call me today at 251.272.9148 and we’ll build a plan that suits you and you alone.

So what is bankruptcy good for?

  • Saving homes from foreclosure.
  • Preventing repossessions before they occur.
  • Dealing with large numbers of separate creditors in one consolidated action.
  • Paying off underwater vehicles.
  • Discharging very old taxes.

What is bankruptcy not good for?

  • Student loans.
  • Most taxes.
  • People with valuable assets (like a paid-for vehicle or almost-paid-for home).
  • People with high incomes.

These are general principles rather than strict rules.  What works best for you depends entirely on your unique circumstances.  This is why it is important to have an attorney who can sit down with you and listen to your problems, review all available options, and help you decide on the best way out of debt possible.

If you or someone you know is facing serious debt problems, call me today at 251.272.9148 for a FREE CONSULTATION and we’ll build a plan that suits you and you alone.


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4 thoughts on “Bankruptcy & Debt Relief Services

  • Makeshia Williams

    I would like to set an appointment with you to discuss my issue that I am having. The claim has been turned over to a collection agency.
    Please let me know a good day. I’m available after 4 each day.

    Thanks for your time!!
    Makeshia Williams

  • Jamie Beyer

    We file for bankruptcy in September and had our court date changed from October to November because Of a conflict and then we rescheduled for December because I was not working I haven’t worked since October and I’m working again and we need to re-file Chapter 13 but I need to file a soon as possible because they’re trying to going to repossess our cars what can I do

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      I may be able to help you with that. The court doesn’t like it when you re-file a Chapter 13 if you’ve just been dismissed, but if you can give a good explanation of why your next case will succeed, they can let you back in.

      If you’re in South Alabama, give me a call and we can make an appointment to discuss your Chapter 13 options.