Hounded by debt collectors?

Judson E. Crump is a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates

Judson E. Crump is a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates

Cheated by deceptive businesses?  Are credit report errors costing you hard-earned money?  You don’t have to take it.  You can fight back.  Let me help you.

This is the law office of Judson E. Crump, P.C., a consumer rights firm dedicated to protecting ordinary folks from fraud, deception, harassment, identity theft, and false credit reporting.

Our purpose is simple: protecting you, your finances, and your dignity from those who would take everything you have.

Our methods are time-tested: hard work, diligent study of the law, and compassionate understanding of our clients’ needs.

Our philosophy is unique: relentless pursuit of consumer rights.  We’ve represented clients in cases involving the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Truth in Lending Act, the Alabama Deceptive Trade Practices Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Electronic Fund Transfers Act, the Bankruptcy Code, the Uniform Commercial Code, and classic common law actions like Breach of Contract, Fraud & Misrepresentation, and Conversion.

If you or someone you know needs a good lawyer to help with your financial situation, call today: 251.272.9148.

If you are troubled by collection lawsuits, inaccurate credit reports, auto dealer fraud, debt settlement scamsforeclosure, repossession, creditor harassment, or problems with your mortgage company, give me a call.  Consulting with me costs nothing; not knowing your rights could cost you thousands.


-Judson E. Crump, Attorney

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    I purchased a vehicle from a dealership. I was told before signing contract that the finance company “GAVE” me an extended warranty. Come to find out, after the fact that the warranty WAS NOT “GIVEN” to me. They charged me and tacked on an extra $2100 to the contract. Extended Warranty was never discussed, or offered.

  • Sheldon Ball

    I don’t know if you fight credit card lawsuits in the Houston, TX area or not. I am being sued by Capital One Bank, N.A. for supposed credit card debt from 2/2014. I was not able to pay due to being ill.

  • Michael L. Jackson Jr.

    To Whom It May Concern: Sep. 28, 2015

    So PS5 and UWHEELS has posted that they will be giving away free PS5’s and UWHEELS because some products were unsealed. And they claimed to pick the winners yesterday. So I have not heard or seen any posts declaring any winners. Is this legal to promote a contest without declaring any winners? Is this a form of false advertising? It seems to me that they are getting free advertising by promoting their contests on Facebook. UWHEELS also claims to pick winners on October 1st. I’m just curious to if there is any legal action that can be taken or any lawsuit to be filed against culprits of this nature and if so and you decide to pursue this will you please include me in the action. Thank you for your time.

    Thanks Again,
    Michael L. Jackson Jr.

  • stacey mayer

    My bank card was stolen by a payoneer customer. I have an account with direct express and have not been refunded the unauthorized money that was taken out of my account. Can you please help me. I know there are federal laws that are supposed to protect me and my bank account. Please email me with any info you have that could help me get my money back ASAP. I am disabled and all my money is gone and i cannot afford to eat or pay my bills because of this situation.

    • stacey mayer

      A payoneer customer stole my direct express bank card and made several charges. I contacted direct express and told them my bank card had been stolen and they informed me of the charges and gave me payoneers phone number to dispute the stolen funds however payoneer has not been helpful so i called my bank back and they told me the money had not posted yet but was on hold and after five days if payoneer doesnt collect the money it will be refunded to my account. In the meantime i am unable to pay my bills or afford to eat so i am suffering as a result of someone elses dishonesty. Arent there federal laws that protect my bank account. How can i be punished for transactions i did not authorize. Please do get back to me with any helpful info. Thank you

      • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


        You are correct that there are federal laws that protect you from unauthorized Electronic (ACH) bank withdrawals and debit card uses. The Electronic Fund Transfer Act provides you with the right to dispute unauthorized charges. You MUST dispute the charges within 60 days of receiving the statement showing the unauthorized withdrawal. It is always best to send your dispute in writing. But even an oral dispute is sufficient, if you comply with the bank’s request for written confirmation of the error. Call me if you would like to discuss your rights.


  • Dalton McAlister

    I have a 2015 Ford Focus and I’m experiencing transmission problems and I’ve taken it back to the dealer several times and everything they said nothing is wrong with it and they said they can’t help me. But the transmission grinds when changing gears, it shudders, jerks harshly, it hesitates when starting off, it slips and sometimes doesn’t know what gear to go in and etc. it has a lot of these problems and I explain to them and they told me they couldn’t do anything about it. If you were having these problems instead of afraid of driving your own car you would want something to be done about it. So I need help!!

  • Stacy

    A repo company came to my house at 3:30 in the morning to get my vehicle. I told the finance company that it wasn’t finished yet I had to pay for repairs out of my pocket the amount was about 2,000 I paid they told me if I could provide that I paid for the repairs they would give me credit for it so I gave them the repair shop number and no one called to verify it they just repossessed the car and went to my place of employment driving my car and playing loud music and said that what you get for not paying your bills do I have a case or not

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      I can’t tell you based on that short paragraph whether or not you have a case. If you live in Alabama you can give me a call and I’ll see if I can help you. If not you going to need to find a local lawyer. Best of luck.

  • Torsten Driscoll

    Hello Mr. Crump,
    I left a message this week for you as I was give your name to discuss my case. Can you please give me a call to discuss the details?

  • Kianna & Kenya Hames (Kianna)

    They had repossessed my car and they said they threw away all my makeup but said they’d only throw away liquids but I’m missing all my powdered eyeshadow palates and powdered makeup and they had left certain liquids that are flammable like hairsprays face washes and etc. did they Rob me? They also took all of my expensive lipsticks and left the cheap ones.

  • Tracy

    I’ve been ripped off by a recycling company, here in Mobile AL .when I said in shock that the price was way off, the lady said what are you going to do about it?
    I called the owner, he said they gave me a fair deal on scrap metal, but I had a lot of different types of expensive metal’s & have pictures of what I delivered! He said sorry you feel that way! Post your pictures on our website??? What?? Steal from & then ask me for free advertising? What do I do?

    • Attorney Judson E Crump Post author


      When you say “ripped off,” what exactly do you believe they did wrong? If you signed a contract to get paid $1,000 for $3,000 worth of scrap, then you’re stuck with the contract. Did you accept payment? Did you deliver the goods? Call me and we can discuss this further.


  • James Wiggins

    I have a disagreement with a home security company. They have a orbitation clause in their contract. I think I need someone to represent me. I would like to talk to you about this matter.

    I won’t be here tomorrow but, I would like to setup an appointment

  • Amy Williams

    Can yo yo scams also apply to car leasing? We drove 4 hours from Tennessee to Alabama to a dealership we had worked out a lease deal on a new car. I do not know if he was being honest because he said that our lease was maybe the 4th lease the dealership had done in 4 years, and thhis is a rather la the dealership, so I found that hard to believe. Before we made the drive down on a Saturday , our salesman let me know via email that everything was set, we had the payments where we needed them. And then I get an email th at Saturday saying our salesman was not going to be there, that he was sick. He said he had given all our info to another salesman and he knew we were coming down. When we got there we started singing paperwork for the lease. We were very pleased with how our monthly payment was. They had us sign a bailement agreement and arbitration clause. We get a call a few days later saying that he got something wrong on the lease and our pay me t was only going up a few dollars and he was sending us a new lease agreement to sign. We did not see a problem with that and signed the new agreement. 2 weeks later the delearship has called back saying that our salesman did not input the numbers right and we needed to sign another new lease agreement and that our monthly lease payment was going up by about 150 dollars! He basically told us either we sign or bring the car back. When reviewing the new lease agreement compared to our others, we noticed that the rent charge was increased significantly by over 3000 dollars . They never disclosed to us the finance rate. Can they lawfully do this?