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Another Midland Funding Lawsuit Dismissed – Alabama Collection Defense Attorney Judson E Crump

Another collection lawsuit by Midland Funding, another victory for an Alabama consumer.  Back in May, my client received a lawsuit summons from Midland Funding, they claimed that he owed them $3,573 for a credit card account with GE Capital Retail Bank. My client answered the complaint pro se and hired […]

A Microcosm of the Congressional Dysfunction Created by Industry Lobbyists – Two Letters to the CFPB 1

Last year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau decided to finally get around to regulating sketchy car dealers and other non-bank arrangers of consumer financing. Why?  Because as everyone who deals with auto dealers and their financing partners knows, car dealers very often conceal important facts from the people they deal […]

Payday lenders keep calling me after filing bankruptcy. What do I do? – Alabama Bankruptcy Attorney Judson E Crump

We’ve all seen the TV commercials: “Stop foreclosures, wage garnishments, and repossessions NOW!  Call Alabama Bankruptcy Attorney Passem Tuaparalegal TODAY!” And if you’ve filed bankruptcy, the primary reason you did so was to stop all of your creditors from calling you, taking your paycheck, taking your house, and doing all […]

Portfolio Recovery Associates Credit Card Lawsuit Defeated – Alabama Collection Defense Lawyer Judson E. Crump 2

This case represents a trend I’ve noticed among the circuit judges here in Alabama: allowing sketchy debt buyer evidence into the record, but finding in the defendant’s favor anyway. My client was a good and honest woman who was working hard to claw her way out of debt.  She had recently […]

A new NCLC Report is out on the student loan collection process.  For those of you that don’t know already, debt collectors can be viciously greedy and completely unhelpful for people in debt.  Naturally, we expect credit card companies and other profit-motivated businesses to sell or refer their unpaid debts to vicious collectors.  That’s how they maximize the value of their unpaid accounts.

But the government?  Surely the taxpayer-funded public-interest side of the social contract isn’t going to feed its young people to the hounds?  Actually, yes they are.

–Here’s the Report–


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Midland Funding Lawsuit Defeated – Mobile, Alabama Attorney Judson E. Crump

My client was sued by Midland Funding for a credit card account they said he once had with HSBC Bank Nevada, NA.  I answered the complaint for him and the case was set for trial.  The collection lawyer was there with a stack of documents they said proved their case. […]

Who is Harbin LLC? Who is Revenue Maximization Consultants? – Alabama Debt Defense Attorney Judson E Crump 4

If you’ve recently received a letter or certified mail from a company called “Harbin, LLC” or “Revenue Maximization Consultants,” you may be facing a lawsuit by a debt buyer. Who are they? Harbin, LLC calls itself a “buyer of distressed receivables.” In other words, it is a debt buyer. They […]

Alabama Woman Sues Comerica Bank over Direct Express Debit Card Dispute – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump 32

Last Thursday, we filed suit against Comerica Bank, issuer of the popular Direct Express Debit MasterCard, alleging that the bank failed to investigate purported errors, despite my client having disputed the errors both orally and in writing.  The allegations are summarized below: The Direct Express card is a debit card […]

I’m looking for people who have experienced problems with their creditors due to a failure of an electronic payment that was not their fault.  If you have an agreement to pay a debt via ACH (automated clearinghouse), debit card, phone check, direct withdrawal, or other electronic means and for some reason (like a computer glitch, malfunction, bank error, or other screwup), the money never went from your bank to the creditor, the creditor is supposed to give you time to try the transfer again or fix the problem before taking action against you.

If an electronic payment method fails, your creditors cannot take action against you until they have requested another payment method in writing.

So for instance, if you have a mortgage payment that comes out of your checking account each month, and one month your bank starts screwing up the payments, then the mortgage company cannot foreclose on you or charge you late fees until they have sent you a written request for another payment method.  Has this happened to you?  Have you been foreclosed on because of an ACH failure that wasn’t your fault?  If so, give me a call and tell me what happened.  I’m very interested in this aspect of the law and want to see if there are violations happening out there.

Or are you paying for a car via debit card each month, and after a bank malfunction, got a car repossessed?

If something like this has happened to you, give me a call at 251.272.9148.  I won’t charge you anything.  I just want to hear your story.

How to Stop Creditors from Drafting Money From your Bank Account – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E Crump

A Common Scenario – Trouble with ACH Drafts Imagine: A few years ago, you got a loan or bought something on credit.  Rather than worry about having to remember to write and mail a check each month and risking late fees and repossessions if you forgot, you decided to let […]