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How the Bankruptcy Courts Promote Bad Lawyering – Alabama Bankruptcy Lawyer Judson E. Crump 1

Bankruptcy Lawyers Get Paid More for Being Bad Lawyers I’m bound to catch some flack from my colleagues in the bankruptcy bar for this article, but if anyone out there has a valid rebuttal to my points, I’ll be the first one to welcome it.  Let’s face it: in the current […]

If someone promises to be able to reduce your Student Loan interest rate, they are scammers – Alabama Consumer Credit Attorney Judson E. Crump

Great article by student loan guru and fellow NACA member Josh Cohen:   Long story short: as with the Foreclosure Rescue Scams and Debt Settlement Scams, the student debt crisis has generated a new breed of scumbag: Student Loan Assistance outfits. Like their ancestors in the debt settlement and loan mod […]

Great article by the New York Times.  Even though consumer lawyers like me have been saying the same thing for years, putting it into the NYT will make more people understand what they need to know about the modern debt collection industry.

What is Garnishment? Part 2 of “Dealing with Default Judgments” – Alabama Collection Defense Lawyer Judson E. Crump 1

What is a garnishment? Let’s start with the judgment – because for everything except student loans and taxes, no* garnishment can happen without first obtaining a judgment.  At least, not in Alabama.  If you get sued and lose, or don’t bother to answer, then the person who sues you gets […]

The Shock of Garnishment: Part 1 of “Dealing with Default Judgments” – Alabama Collection Defense Attorney Judson E. Crump

It’s Friday.  You get off work at a way earlier-than-it-feels like 4:27 PM.  And thank God.  Really.  TGIF means much, much more to you than it does to those 20-year olds without kids or real responsibilities, those who, when they say “TGIF,” mean “Yay, I can now go out drinking with my girlfriends!” […]

Cavalry SPV I, LLC collection lawsuit dismissed – Alabama Collection Defense Lawyer Judson E Crump

One of my clients was sued by Cavalry SPV I, LLC for a Capital One Best Buy credit card.  They claimed that he owed about $5,000 and that they were the assignees of the debt.  That means that Capital One/Best Buy gave up on trying to collect from him directly, […]

Cavalry SPV I, LLC Collection Lawsuit Defeated- Alabama Collection Defense Attorney Judson E Crump 3

Our client was sued twice by Cavalry SPV I, LLC for $2598.80 on a credit card he once had with HSBC.  The card had, allegedly, been transferred to Capital One Bank, N.A. at some point, and then to Cavalry SPV I, LLC.  Cavalry SPV I, LLC then sued my client.  He answered the […]