$180,000 of Student Loan Debt Dismissed – Alabama Debtor’s Rights Lawyer Judson E. Crump

My Client was sued by NCLST for over $180,000 of Student Loans.  We got the cases dismissed.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust filed 4 separate lawsuits against my client in the Circuit Court of Washington County, Alabama.  They alleged that my client was liable for 4 separate student loan promissory notes.

As an assignee, NCLST had the burden of proving not only that the debt itself and the amount of it was accurate, but also that they had the chain of title proving their right to collect the debt.

The loans were also private, meaning that the normal contract statute of limitations applied.

We challenged their standing and proof.  The collector ultimately agreed to dismiss all four cases.  This resulted in a massive amount of savings for our client.

The dismissal orders can be found here:

Order-Dismissed – 54 Order-Dismissed – 51 Order-Dismissed – 53 Order-Dismissed – 52

If you or someone you know has been sued by NCLST, call the law office of Judson E. Crump to discuss your options for dealing with this debt.  The consultation is free, and our fees are reasonable.  251.272.9148.

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